More than 60 years of experience in developing ambitious projects materialized on a pioneering and versatility basis, in building techniques associated to a strong investment capability in Human Resources training, equipment and new technologies, make Mota-Engil Engeneering a prominent leader in Portugal, and in an international course of expansion, which encompasses Angola. This position lead us to a growth trending and make us to adopt all the internal organization measures needed, as well as to make heavy investments in productive assets in order to keep us always in a relevant position: WE ARE WHAT WE DO!

Main activities:

  • Infrastructures (airports, sanitary landfills, railroads, ports, roads, hydraulic, and urban);
  • Construction (agricultural, public buildings and others, schools, offices and commerce, housing, hospitals, industrial, building rehabilitation, silos and chimneys);
  • Real Estate;
  • Aggregates, Foundations and Geotechnology, Ornamental Stones and Electromechanics.

Mota-Engil Engineering has an innate presence in Angola which is documented by a portfolio of relevant work in the country. From the older ones, such as the construction of several roads in Cabinda, the deviation channel in Luó, the Quiminha and Lomaum dams, the 4 de Fevereiro Airport, to the more recent rehabilitation of the road between Namibe and Serra da Leba, the Atlantic Towers, the 4 de Abril Bridge (Catumbela) and the one which is under construction in the Luanda Bay, many are the works had contribute/are contributing to the development of this African country. This is where the future of Mota-Engil Angola lays upon, altogether with an unconditional bet on people.


Address: Rua Narciso Espírito Santo n.º 52/54, Luanda
tel.: +244 222 350 552 / 218 / 263 / 550
fax: +244 222 350 299 / 355 647



Address Rua Narciso Espírito Santo n.º 52/54, Luanda
Phones +244 222 350 552
+244 222 350 218
+244 222 350 263
+244 222 350 550
Fax +244 222 350 299 / 355 647